Occupational Therapy Services

At Watermelon OT, our paediatric occupational therapists use a play-based approach to support children in developing skills for day-to-day tasks and activities. Our therapists work with the strengths and interests of each child to design individualized treatment plans. Below are some of the common skills that we work on. 

Fine Motor Skills

  • Pinch and grasp patterns
  • In-hand manipulation skills
  • Scissor skills
  • Buckles, fasteners and shoelaces
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  • Legibility
  • Letter and number formations
  • Organization on the page
  • Writing speed
  • Cursive
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Pencil Grasp

  • Pencil grasp style
  • Pencil pressure
  • Hand pain/fatigue
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Emotional Regulation

  • Identify and label emotions
  • Develop self-regulation toolbox¬†
  • Interoception (awareness of sensations in the body)
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Sensory Processing (consultation only)

  • Assess sensory processing patterns
  • Provide sensory activities and strategies for home and school
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