• Initial assessment consisting of clinical observation and client/parent interview
  • Ideal for addressing one primary area of concern (e.g., letter formation or pencil grasp)
  • A brief summary report will be provided (includes summary of assessment and OT goals)



  • In-depth initial assessment, including standardized assessments (e.g., Beery Test of Visual Motor Integration)
  • Ideal for addressing multiple areas of concern (e.g., fine motor and visual motor skills)
  • A full assessment report will be provided (includes standardized assessment scores, detailed assessment results, OT goals and recommendations)
  • This report can be shared with your child’s school, doctor or other healthcare professionals

Treatment Session


  • 45-minute one-to-one treatment session to work towards OT goals
  • Fee includes administrative time

Consultation Session


  • 45-minute consultation with families to create a home treatment plan for addressing OT goals 
  • At the family’s request, our OTs may consult and collaborate with your child’s school team or other health care providers
  • Fee includes administrative time

Travel Fee

+ $30

  • Travel fee will apply for all home, school or daycare visits (per session)